2 fluffy smiling emoji icons popping out of a box of smiling emoji's. A smile

A smile’s worth is priceless. A smile can say so much, as it's versatile too. A smile can show happiness and enjoyment. It can deliver feelings of pride and encouragement. Or express love and appreciation. And a smile may be the one thing that makes someone else feel happy on a lousy day.


A smile doesn’t cost anything, it’s not hard to do and it can make you and others feel good. It’ll be there, even in difficult situations, you just need to look for it. There’s always something to smile about.

Finding A Smile

Sandwich boxes and bottle of water stuck in a vending machine. A smileWhen my son was in hospital one evening, I was desperate for something to eat and the cafeteria had already closed. Not wanting to leave the hospital, I opted for the vending machine. I waited for my sandwich selection to drop into the slot below, but it became wedged against the glass. Shaking the machine didn’t help either. Desperately, I tried it again and watched as now 2 sandwich boxes became stuck there. Surely, if I selected a bottle of water (being heavier) it would fall onto the sandwiches and knock the whole lot down? Of course - it didn't. I rang the contact number on the vending machine out of pure frustration and starvation. A lady eventually turned up with an apology, the 2 boxes of sandwiches, the bottle of water and a bonus giant cookie for my trouble.

Can Do Attitude

Can of coke in water. A smileWhile on a family holiday, it was too windy one particular day to take our boat out fishing. We decided instead to fish from the jetty. Being in the sun a while, I needed a drink, so I picked up my husbands’ can of Coke and took a sip. I very quickly began to spit and gag, as he’d been using the can as an ashtray.

Keeping It Reel

Netflix on screen with hand holding remote control. A smileEver since I can remember, I’ve loved sitcoms and comedies for the potential to make me smile and laugh. And we’re lucky we live in the boom of multiple streaming services, giving us so much choice to do so now. They’re perfect as a mini escape, time to de-stress, or just sheer enjoyment. They also provide inspiration to me for future pursuits.


So, in conclusion, whatever life throws you, move sideways with it and remember to try and smile.

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