About Suz

Suz Connors is an Australian writer who embraces the lighter side of life. Driven by a new direction, she forges ahead with her passion for writing to make people smile.

Her first book, 18 Forever, was inspired by her son Lucas. An intelligent, loving and witty young man, who sadly passed away on his 18th birthday.

Moving forward with a blog called Sideways, Suz shares stories of her own experiences, including ups, downs and sideways turns. She hopes to encourage others to laugh a little more and appreciate life.

When she’s not writing, Suz enjoys conversation with friends and family, taking in the views of the nearby ocean and sharing in the laughter of clever comedies.

“There’s always something to smile about”

More on 18 Forever...

Written lovingly from a mother’s point of view, 18 Forever captures the experience of her son growing up, realizing his dreams, and then it all being tragically stripped away through the insanity that is cancer. A remarkably raw and detailed account of the heartfelt loss of someone who, through his own way and wit, would have done wonderful things in this world.

The book is available here

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