I’m addicted to podcasts when I'm driving my car. Whether informative, funny or inspirational, it’s never a dull drive. But before prolific podcasting, other ways come to mind, that provided the same ‘never a dull drive’ feeling.

Car whizzing past lights. Never a dull drive

First Car

To start with, the purchase of my first car. It was a glossy red Holden and I loved it. But that excitement was soon tainted when my dad maintained my sister and I go halves in it. Even though we were buying it, we didn’t have much say in it. It had to be a manual drive - his decision. We weren’t allowed power steering for fear of ‘not being able to handle it’. And air-conditioning - there would be none, that was a luxury we ‘didn’t need’. Nevertheless, it was a car to drive and I was pretty happy with my new found (partial) freedom.


It was in that same car that I had an accident. Well, it wasn’t an actual accident - I reversed out the driveway and into the neighbours’ car - parked directly across the road. In my defence, I was young.

Memorable Drives

Years ago, I picked up a new car and was driving it home with my then, little kids in the backseat. We hadn’t made it very far when my daughter decided to slide her window down. Consequently, I could hear the newly tinted film crinkling in the window sockets. I painfully turned around and headed back to the dealership.


Above all other cars I’ve driven, a favourite was my beloved Honda. That was, until I had a massive panic attack in it one morning. I was white knuckled, hyperventilating and stuck in packed peak hour traffic. Sadly, that car had to go, to keep the anxiety at bay.


Cars butted up to each other. Never a dull driveThen there was the time with my current car, that I met a couple of friends for a quick catchup. When I was ready to leave and approached my car, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Someone had parked behind me, right behind me, as in, their car butted up to my car behind me! Stunned, I went back to the venue to speak to the staff. Typically, when I returned to it a few minutes later, the dodgy driver and car had vanished. Amazingly there was no damage to my car.

Just... Embarrassing Drives

And of course, the time my car was due for a service at the dealership. My daughter had brought along her breakfast in the car on the way to school. I should have stopped her when I smelled the aroma as I entered the car, but regrettably I didn’t. Her breakfast was the previous night’s leftovers, ‘Ono Kauswe’, a dish similar to a laksa. I dropped her off and arrived at the service department. When I was gathering my belongings from the car, I spotted the bowl. It should’ve been empty, but it wasn’t. Some of the Kauswe had spilled onto the car’s interior mat. Reluctantly, I had to ask the service guy if he could drain the bowl, as I still had to drive home in one of their loan cars. Fairly certain he’d never had a customer request this before, I also implored him to explain the smell in my car to the mechanic.


Car being pulled onto tow -ruck. Never a dull driveLastly, not so long ago, I noticed a warning signal on my dashboard. I felt the car losing power and I managed to drive into the carpark of a nearby hospital. After I consulted the car’s manual, I found it was leaking coolant. I rang the breakdown service who advised that the only option was to have my car towed. After arranging this, I hesitantly climbed into the tow-truck along with the driver. But when we arrived outside the car dealership, I miscalculated the height of the truck to the ground. I stepped out and was intending to move onto the next step down, which wasn’t there! I fell, straight out onto the ground, complete with legs sprawled in opposite directions and handbag thrown to the floor. The stupid tow-truck driver didn’t even bother to see if I was ok. Luckily it was in the adjacent cul-de-sac and not inside the dealership yard, though they do have full glass windows!

In short, even though it's never a dull drive, I look forward to a future that involves teleportation. It would really be so much better for me.


  1. Sueeeeee Norrish on June 15, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    Great suzzzz

  2. Lucy Sheppard on June 19, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    Always a good read and makes you remember your own car exploits.

  3. Karen Churchill on June 19, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Cool topic and a very entertaining post. Thanks!

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