Perspective is a point of view, an attitude towards something, or how we see it. When we change our perspective or consider things in a different way, the result can be quite amazing. After shifting my perspective at the outcome of an issue, the road forward has become clearer.

Finding Some Insight

Stones stacked upon each other for meditation. Point of view. PerspectiveI recently visited a Buddhist monastery with a close friend to gain some further insight into meditation and life. On the road trip there, gripped in conversation as we often are, we drove right passed the monastery by about 10 minutes. (In this case the road was not so clear, or at least the signs weren’t). Deep in the hills and without a mobile signal for our phones and the car’s GPS, we decided to turn around. We laughed at the irony, that we weren’t calm now, as we headed into a session about meditation.


The head monk gave a talk that really resonated with me. He spoke about perspective and how we can choose to look at life and any potential problems. It’s all about changing our point of view and attitude towards how we see things. Taking a step back and putting things into perspective is a truly valuable exercise.


He also suggested laughter as a tool, even as we face great adversity. Especially helpful when life steers us in a sideways direction. These thoughts echo my own in many situations.


In addition, he mentioned how the kindness we show towards both to ourselves and others is so important. Changing our perspective on how we treat ourselves and other people goes a long way. It’s good to be reminded of these values once in a while.

A Positive Point of View

Yellow flower being held over grass. Point of View. PerspectiveSometimes despair can drown us or drive us. I’ll always choose to let it drive me. Seeing the glass half full, even in tough times, always has a better feel to it. Positivity and gathering the strength to work through things (while remembering these times won’t be permanent), can be what we need to see us through.


Consequently, my recent change in perspective has led me to redefine and pursue what’s truly close to my heart. I’m striving towards these, while trying to be distracted less by banter or Netflix.


  1. Sueeeeee Norrish on July 23, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    We can find this when the time is right XX
    But it all is in our own time XX

    • Suz Connors on July 24, 2019 at 8:31 am

      Agreed, as long as we’re open to it:)

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