Hi, welcome to my blog


Sometimes things happen and the only way around is sideways.  There’s a time for ups and a time for downs, but for me it’s mainly been a sideways thing!  Remembering not to take things too seriously has served me well.


Here’s some of my recent backstory…

In the months since my son passed, I worked extremely hard on my inner self.  A big mix of counselling, lots of reading, listening to podcasts and even writing my own book 18 Forever, all helped me move forward.  My mind and heart took a battering (still a work in progress), but surprisingly it showed me that I am strong.


Underlying all those things was my innate ability to laugh, or at least smile.


That sweet relief that only humour can provide and the natural bond of connection with others, are always present for me.  My decision to combine this with my passion for writing are the essence of my blog.


I know first-hand that there’s way too much doom and gloom in the world.  So to transcend this and escape to where laughter and connection come together, seems like a good place to me.


If I can, you can.


"There’s always something to smile about!"


Awkward Introductions

A few years ago, I attended the christening of my friend’s baby.  When the church service ended and the official family photographs had been taken, I went over to congratulate my friend, her husband and their family.


Having met my friend’s lovely parents occasionally when they visited Perth, I was more familiar with my friend’s mother than her father.  For some reason, I always felt a little intimidated by her father’s somewhat serious stature and I felt quite nervous when around him.


As I walked up to congratulate him, I soon realised that he didn’t remember me.  He shook my hand firmly saying, “Hi, I’m John.”

Confused and a little nervous I replied, “Hi, I’m John” (I could have died!!)

He looked at me oddly, as I pathetically corrected myself, giving my actual name and keeping a low profile for the rest of the festivities.


So just to clarify, I’m Suz and this is my blog!