My Mum

Wooden spoon with love heart pastryAs far back as I can remember, my mum has always been an amazing cook. This is one of her mum-ability factors. Cooking is something she loves and is her way of showing love for her family. Her knowledge and skill being passed down from her own mother. I remember when I was little and mum was busy cooking, she’d give me a mixing bowl and wooden spoon to pretend I was cooking too (didn’t help me though).


That wooden spoon was later used as a weapon. She’d threaten us with it when we were naughty, and it came out many times. She was and still is, a fierce fighter and god help anyone who disrespected our family in any way, as she was the protector too. So protective, that when I’d come home way after my curfew, she’d be waiting up, ready for a yelling match… “Is this any time to come home?” Love my mum and the fact that we were so looked after.


My Mum-Ability

Becoming a mother is both the most excruciating and euphoric moment imaginable. Nothing says discomfort more, than the pain of a natural birth, or having a baby pulled out caesarean style. And then, having to be ‘on’ again to look after the baby – straight away!  A swift introduction to multitasking, something I’ve unashamedly never been great at (I’m more the mindfulness type). When I had my own kids, I remember thinking, when is someone responsible coming back to look after them?


Cot at nighttimeI was never blessed with kids that slept through the night as babies. I tried the whole ‘controlled crying’ thing, which was recommended at the time, but could never go through with it. I remember stealthily crawling out of my daughter’s room numerous times, when she was a baby after she’d finally fallen asleep.


When the kids were growing up, I was never the mum who could do fancy hairstyles for school, nor the amazing baker, or the crafty mum who made awesome costumes for book week. I was more the show up for everything, be on time to pick them up and “make sure you’ve got a jacket” mum.


When my daughter needed to learn her times tables in primary school, I came up with a game to help her memorise it, while she was in the swimming pool – she can multitask.  I’d randomly ask her times tables questions and she had to find the answer while she dived under the water. She wasn’t allowed to come up until she knew! She quickly became a pro at it and still is.


XBox controller and games on tableI spent a lot of time playing on the floor, embracing dress-ups, reading stories, teaching them how to bowl a wicked straight line in cricket and getting smashed on Xbox. And there’ve been countless playdates, parties, school excursions, carnivals, karate classes, last minute getting something from the shops, school socials and driving lessons, that I’ve been grateful to be present for over the years too. A job dotted with tantrums (mainly mine) and frustrating at times, these are the things that make up my mum-ability and I’ve (mostly) loved all of it!




  1. Sueeeeee Norrish on May 10, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    Well done Suzzzzzz

  2. Lucy Sheppard on May 11, 2019 at 7:42 am

    You’re an awesome Mum. Thanks for sharing as it resonates.

  3. Tiala on June 10, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Love it Suz!

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