Spring brings many things. It has that way of making you feel hopeful. Whether it’s the glimpses of extra sunshine. Getting out and about a little more. Or just enjoying the awesomeness of nature - flowers blooming, bees buzzing, longer days and all that stuff.


Spring brings. Varying shades of pink wildflowers amongst grass

Wildflowers at Kings Park

The beautiful array of wildflowers especially in Western Australia, are stunning and everywhere during spring. So too is hay-fever for the chosen ones amongst us. As a result of increased pollen in the air, there’s sneezing, itchy watery eyes and having a tap for a nose to contend with. The exhaustion felt after a full day of sneezing and nose blowing is understandably annoying. But to me, the spring flowers are so worth it.

Spring Brings Bees

Bees, I’m slightly weary of them. Mainly because I’ve been stung one too many times as a child. The first was on my finger - I maintain that the bump on said finger is from the bee sting and not what my mum’s version was - incorrect pencil grip. The second was during a game of table tennis - while playing, my dad sent a bee flying straight into my chin as I was innocently watching on. And the third, well, I just sat on one.

There’ll Be Sunshine (and rain)

Spring brings. Sun shining on Perth cityAs the weather starts to change (rainy days still around), there’s more spring in our step, perfect for getting outdoors into the sunshine. The sun used to be my friend. However, those teenage years of soaking up the sun, have been replaced with vitamin D supplements and something to cover up with. The smallest amount of direct sun exposure on décolletage now, has the resemblance of a dried out chamois. But I do still love the sun especially during springtime.

In short, spring for me is any opportunity (procrastination perhaps) to look forward to some beautiful weather. It’s remembering to take the time to appreciate the nice stuff, even while maintaining the mundane.

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